Much adoe about nothing

            Last 21st June the school´s English theatre group performed Shakespeare´s play "Much adoe about nothing" at the Elai-Alai aretoa in Gernika.
             All their parents were invited and also their 5th, 6th primary classmates and also sconday students were invited to come.
             This year we started with a 2 euro ticket for these types of events to help fund rising for future exchanges as the state funding is over from next year on.
             The story´s main characters are Benedick (Eneko Fuentes) and Beatrice (Ainhoa elejaga) who hate each other and everything realted to love. In the sublplot we have the wedding of claudio (Unain Elejaga) and Hero (Claudia Efrem), Leonato´s (Amaia Alsa) daughter. The evil part is played by Don John (Andrés Llerena) the bastard brother of Don Pedro (Julia Larrinaga),who is trying to make trouble everywhere with his colleagues Borrachio (Janire Burgos, who also plays the part of Magaret, Hero´s maid) and Conrad (Irene Eiguren, who also plays Friar Francis in the wedding and Ursula).
             The play lasted for about an hour and it was a complete success. It is to appreciate the effort of all the participants in the play, who put all their love and illusion in it and thanks also to everyone who attened to see it and enjoyed it.